The Slowboat Team

Kenny & Carrie Mann


photo by: Jackie Blakeney, Blakeney Photography

photo by: Jackie Blakeney, Blakeney Photography

     Kenny is a maritime chief engineer with over 13 years of sea time. Carrie was a long time employee of the Laurel city school system, until recently hanging that up to finish a degree at William Carey University and assist with the organizing/planning of the business. This couple shares a love of life as much as they love each other. However, they (like any other) have problems. Arguments such as, "Who is best, Zeppelin or Floyd?" or "Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?" are always coming up.

      Kenny and Carrie have been long time homebrewers and active craft beer advocates in the MS craft beer community. It's been a dream to start a brewery in Laurel, share their passion for beer with Mississippi, and bring their beautiful town into the spotlight. When they are not completely swamped with work endeavors, they enjoy gaming, reading, traveling, live music, record collecting, spending time as a family and, of course, brewing beer.

     Kenny considers Stouts and Farmhouse Ales to be his specialty and hopes to really push his brewing capabilities to new heights with Slowboat.

Slowboat Contributors

We are truly grateful to all of our supporters! It's because of you that Slowboat is possible. 
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